Sunday, July 5, 2009

T-4 Weeks!

I just completed my final big Ultraman training weekend. Each day I felt like I could go forever but I held back to give my quad some more healing time. Mentally it was great to ride for 7 hours and feel like I had 7 more left in me.

I am optimistic about the race but I have learned through all my years of doing ironman that you need to be open to anything. All of the preparation in the world does not prevent last minute hic ups. So if you go into the race knowing that they are all a part of the experience then you just take it all in stride which is a lot better than adding panic to your pre race anxiety.

So the hard work is behind me, now it’s about staying healthy, maintaining my level of fitness, sleeping, eating and leg rehabbing- which will of course involve a few massages J

The one area where I will continue to put in some distance is the water. I will maintain 4,000+ yard swims and long open water workouts. I will also maintain my every other day core work and everyday stretching routine.

The taper period is also tricky in relation to eating. I don’t want to gain any weight which is tricky when you’re used to eating a ton. Although, since I have given up sugar, dairy and wheat, I don’t have too many food choices to get me into trouble.

That’s all for this week, BTW, this blog will have race day coverage with video for each day of the race. I will do my best to put on a good show for you!

See you in a week, thanks for reading!



  1. You can focus on the race, we'll be entertained anyhooo. You know I'm easily fascinated, even by watching shiny bike wheels spin! We're only wishing you the best, as we want for you and Rob in all aspects of your lives. No pressure, just positive energy coming at you. Keep healing, enjoy the taper!