Tuesday, July 21, 2009

T-2 Weeks!

I can't belive it's less than 2 weeks away! I'm typing this email from Salt Lake City where I enjoyed my last long pre Ultraman run.

I felt a bit like the Terminator this past week, you know, the guy who keeps getting shot down and you think, "what's going to take him out???" I had an emergency dental procedure for a root canal gone bad/bad infection last Thursday....Everythings cool now but there were a few rough days in there, accompanied by a 6 hour bike ride, 4 hour bike ride and some running.

Its been an interesting 6 months of training, and all of it has made me stronger for my big day (or 3 days). Tomorrow I will swim in an oudoor 50 meter lap pool, to a Seattle-ite, that's pure heaven. When I get home I will have a couple light rides and runs. then its off to Penticton.

I woiuld be lying if I said I'm not experiencing any anxiety but thats totally normal at this stage.

Thats all for now as it's 10:30 my time and I have a swim to wake uo to.

Thanks for reading!


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