Monday, July 13, 2009

T-3 Weeks

Remember when I spoke about how nice it was to have my last long training weekend behind me? That was a premature statement, but I think it’s safe to say that now. This past weekend consisted of another 100+ mile ride and a long run. When I realized saturday morning that I put my bike shorts on inside out, I did get a bit concerned about the ride but it actually ended up going well (minus the flat tire).

I got my last round of injections in my leg last week and its feeling super strong. I’m still

playing it safe by not pushing it too hard and I’m icing a lot. I think something that has helped me quite a bit is doing single leg mini squats after every run (150-200 per leg), I have noticed that each leg feels stronger than it ever has.

This experience has confirmed to me that “everything happens for a reason”, sometimes its hard to find reason in tough situations but it’s always there. I learned a lot through this leg injury and in the end, I will come out stronger and overall more healthy.

I have my last pre Ultraman work travel coming up and fortunately it will be in Salt Lake City which is a nice place to run. My goal there is to stay away from sick people and get lots of rest. Easier said then done at Outdoor Retailer.

I’m doing pretty good on the eating front and while I was worried about gaining weight, I have actually lost a couple lbs, so I will need to keep an eye on the calorie intake. I don’t want to go into this thing too lean as I will be burning tons of calories over the 3 days.

Many people have asked me, “what’s next?”, “what comes after Ultraman”. Well, I really can’t be sure but I do know it will involve an ice cold beer and some sand to sort it all out. I learned from Lorraine Molner, that events like this are more of a “Heros Journey”. Its important to think about how you achieved your goal, analyze the things that made it hard, remember what helped along the way and use the experience to help you get the most out of life and as fuel for your future adventures.

Well thats all for this week, thanks so much for reading and sorry for the late post, guess I’m getting a bit lazy in my final Ultraman hours.

see you soon,


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  1. At least it wasn't a case of putting on your PR bra backwards... Will miss you at OR. Have fun at Lumpy's!