Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Times a flyin!

Time seems to be moving faster with each week. The leg is feeling much better, thanks to my good friend Laurie. Laurie is an awesome Massage Therapist who found the knots and really worked them. She also did some cool muscle release stuff which helped to get some range of motion back.

My PT reset my cleats which were way off and put a shim in my left cleat, which helps with my 7mm leg discrepancy. It was pretty cool to see my X Rays today, 7 mm doesn’t seem like a lot but when you see your entire pelvis slanted to deal with the difference, it all makes sense…hip pain, leg pain, low back pain, etc… I also have a cork shim in my running shoe now, I even noticed a difference walking.

I had some great swims this week and it was also a successful bike and run week. I could have gone much further on the bike and run but I played it safe. I have a lot of energy so it’s hard to tone it back, but that’s what I need to do.

I have a solid base, so now is all about just listening to coach D as he guides me to the starting line. I will also focus on my mental game because no matter how rough the water gets or how hard the wind blows, being strong mentally can always pull you through.

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  1. Tried acupuncture? Also works wonders... Lucky to have a good CMT as well...