Sunday, May 3, 2009


“The pessimist see’s difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist see’s opportunity in every difficulty”
- Winston Churchill

I thought about that quote on Saturday when I had the “opportunity” to ride my rollers for 5 hours because of the great NW rain. Riding the rollers for that long gave me the opportunity to work on my cadence, and my will power. Who am I kidding?? It actually s**((##ed! But it’s always nice to know that I can pull that off when I need to.

Coach D really pumped up the volume this week and I loved it!

It was a fantastic week of training, despite a little 2 day work trip to LA, where incidentally I had 4 star sightings: Paris Hilton, and 3 people from the upcoming Beverly Hills 90210 show. It was actually more fun watching the paparazzi though, those guys are crazy!

Swim: I swam 4 X’s this week and totaled 13,600 yards. I have been opening up with a 1,000 warm-up and then doing sets that equal 1,000 yards. Its nice to be covering more distance in a week than I will on race day, gives me a piece o’ mind.

Bike: Besides my 5 hours on the rollers, BTW- if you are on the rollers and a neighbor waves at you through your living room window- DON’T break focus and wave. I only rolled off 3 times in 5 hours, not too bad I guess. My other 2 rides were on the road. I can now bike to work which is a lot of hill climbing and good for about 30 miles RT.

Run: I had a blast running this week. 2 runs were in Beverly Hills and 1 was here at home on the trails. It was fun to run through Beverly Hills before any of the stores opened and I was able to confirm the location of my favorite store for later on that day (Sprinkles Cupcakes). My other run in BH was through the neighborhoods, it was cool to check out the mansions, they are beautiful but I have to admit, it just doesn’t beat Kingston, WA. My trail run today was 2:45, we ran easy which was nice.

Strength Training: I only managed to get 1 day in at the gym so I did extra core work on another day. That made 5 days of core.

The first day of May sent a few chills down my spine. For some reason, Ultraman seemed comfortably far off when it was April. This will probably be like my first Ironman, I imagine I will be a bit anxious until I take that first stroke in the lake on 8/1.

I took a sneak peek at next weeks workouts and it looks like another high volume week, looking forward to it!

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Thanks so much for reading, your support means so much to me.

See you next week,

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  1. PR bike was a 6.5 hour trainer ride.
    PR indoor tri day was a 1.5 hour pool swim, 5.5 hour trainer ride, and 2 hour treadmill.
    Can't believe I did it, but what a great lab to find out about your nutrition and effort.