Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hi from Germany!

Guten Tag!
Despite getting only about 3 ½ hours of sleep each night, it’s been a fun week of training in Germany. No matter what time I go to bed, I will always wake up in 3 ½-4 hours, could be all the Bratwurst I eat when I’m here but there’s no way I’m giving that up.

My runs have been on mostly dirt paths around a nice lake. I have actually gotten in 2-90 minute runs here and because the weather is so nice, you just want to run forever. It’s nice to focus on running for a week but I can’t wait for Tuesday when I get back onto my bike. Biking this week has been a combination of rollers, road, hotel stationary bike and this funky commuter bike that I rented from the hotel. Biking is the main form of transportation here so they have huge paths throughout and on the outskirts of town. I actually got in a 2 ½ hour ride on the hotel bike today, you forget how hard those bikes are to ride, as they are not nice and light with tons of gears.

Before I left I hit it hard in the pool and by next weekend I will be swimming in the lake. I plan to do a 3- 5 mile swim each weekend until Ultraman.

The one good thing about traveling is that I can always do core work in my room, so my core gets even stronger with each trip. I also come home incredibly focused as I can’t afford to miss or have junk workouts.

Next week will be about organizing my things for Ultraman because I don’t want to find out the week before the race that I’m out of my special salts, tape, etc…

Well, that’s all I really have for now, next week I will be back to my normal training so I’m sure I will have some big distances to report!

Take care and thanks a ton for reading!!


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  1. Tag! Wie geht's? -- That's a whole term of German right there, ~$1500 worth... Well done on the R and the core, you set a high standard for the other road warriors to follow...