Sunday, April 5, 2009


As you can probably tell by the subject line, I am well and had a great training week! I came back slowly and by the time the weekend came, I accomplished a 4 hour ride and a 2 hour run, I’m still smiling. You don’t realize how much this training stuff makes you happy until you can’t do it and in my case, for 12 days.

I actually didn’t get in the water but I plan to swim in the morning and I’m really looking forward to it. Also, I will be swimming in Lake Washington starting the beginning of May, if you care to join me on any weekend lake swims, please let me know! We have 2 kayaks and plan to swim 2-3 miles down the lake and switch out with the kayakers who will then swim back.

Bike: I rode the rollers twice and the road twice. I always prefer the road but the rollers are great for rainy days and I also noticed that my cadence has gotten much higher since I began doing a weekly roller ride. My roller rides were 1 hour each, one was focused on a pyramid that had 5 minutes speed sets combined with 5 minute recovery periods and the other was a recovery ride focused on Jack Bauer (24). One of my road rides was nice and easy for 20 miles and the other was a 60 miler around Seattle/Lake WA.
It really felt great to get back on the bike, tomorrow I will start riding to work on my bike training days, that’s good for 30 miles RT, plus a 20 miler at lunch.

Run: I ran 3 times this week, all outside. I had 2 -1 hour runs and 1- 2 hour run. I actually didn’t really plan for 2 hours but we found some new trails and couldn’t help but to do a little exploring.

Strength Training: I had 2 strength training sessions. I was amazed that I really didn’t loose that much from my time off. The legs were sore from squats but my stomach was fine and that’s where I really thought I would pay. I have really noticed a difference in my swim, bike and run after these past 3 months of strength training. I can really feel the water when I pull, I don’t get out of the saddle nearly as much as I used to on hills and I have more bounce in my step.

Ultraman sent us a swim guide for a successful ultraman swim. That has really fired me up, part of me can’t wait for ultraman and the other part is saying, “thank God I still have 4 months to train”. I can’t believe I already have completed 3 months of training, it really went by fast.

I’m looking forward to this next week, I’m thinking it will be a 20 hour training week, I do have one obstacle, we are shooting our catalog for 3 full days, which means very early swims, followed by runs or rides, all complete by 8:00am.

Have a great week everyone, thanks so much for your support!


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  1. Wow, you are doing really well. Rollers and watching TV? That's talent! ((Good luck on the catalog shoot. Far cry from the days when Rick was an apparel model...))