Sunday, April 19, 2009

102 Days Left to Train!

I think most people spend their lives trying to figure out what they want to do in life. For many it almost always gets narrowed down to a certain profession/ career. For others like me, it’s anything but.

Life for me is about pushing limits, because it’s at that time when I find a little more when I thought I had no more to give or I go a little faster when I thought I have reached my peak, its at that time, that I realize that I have not even begun to scratch the surface on what’s possible. And, it’s that realization that gives me energy and the courage to take on new challenges. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I didn’t always try to push my limits, I can only think that it would be like going you whole life only ever eating the frosting on a piece of cake, you would never truly know how good it could be.

So for me, I guess life isn’t about what I have accomplished, it’s about what I have yet to accomplish.

Now for the training: It’s been a great week; I increased my distance in the water, on the run and on the bike.

Swim: I hit 10,000 yards in the pool and felt good enough for another 10,000. My workouts have consisted of some longer sets equaling 1,000yrds and various pyramids. I think the strength training in the gym is really paying off because my shoulders never seem to get tired.

Bike: I rode 3 times this week, 2X’s on the road and once on the rollers. Yesterday’s road ride was awesome, 80 miles and no rain. We rode our favorite Seattle route, taking a break from hilly Bainbridge Island. Anything off of Bainbridge seems easy, in fact we weren’t even that tired after the ride. I will continue to switch it up, Bainbridge with the hills one weekend and Seattle with the flats/rolling the next. We will also throw in a few Whidbey Island rides, Whidbey is great for a nice 85 miler with minimal traffic and some good climbs.

Run: I ran 3 times this week, 2X’s on the road and once on the trails. Today’s trail run was a 2:40 run in of course my favorite trails. It was a beautiful day and Cadie especially enjoyed the sunshine as she was running up every little piece of dirt that resembled a trail and had her “happy prance” on for the whole run. My legs were a bit tired for the first 90 minutes but after that I felt great.

Strength Training: I had 2 days of strength training. Strength training for triathletes is different than strength training for most people. I know the regulars in the gym are thinking, “Man, that poor lady has been coming here for months and her biceps aren’t any bigger than the first day”. It’s ok though, they are helping me to climb big hills on the bike and get through lots of laps in the pool.

Next week is a recovery week. These are the toughest weeks for me mentally. After such a great week like this past one, all I can think about is swimming 11,000 yards, biking 100 miles and running for 3 hours. I will listen to coach D though, its important to not rush this stuff, and to listen to your coach.

Hope you all have great weather like we are experiencing in the Great North West! If not, come on over for a visit, we always enjoy new people to train with!

See you next week, and thanks so much for reading!


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