Sunday, August 2, 2009


Coach D giving tips along the way
yep, she's happy
and so is Coach D
Away they go
Looks fast early
Hi all, well day 2 started out this morning in beautiful south Penticton, after a nice warm up ride to ossoyous and back to OK Falls, which gave Beth time to warm up, spin her legs and get stung three times by a wasp down her jersey she really got fired up. As she turned in OK Falls, she was greeted by "the wall" she later said that all that training on Bainbridge Island prepared her for it.  As she topped the wall, guess what......that's right, headwind and for the next 50 or so miles it was a headwind until she turned up the grade at Princeton, and then she climbed, climbed, climbed, oh yeah the valley was full of smoke due to the wildfire on the next ridge across the way. As she reached the top and the out and back turn around, she saw Shanna Armstong heading down, you would have thought it was Maverick trying to get iceman before he hit the hard deck. It was a very entertaining dash for the sprint by two great competitors. 
 Beth's total time after 2 days of racing is 19:44. She is really doing great and looking very fit and strong. I wish you could all be here to see just how incredible she is when the chips are down and the challenge is real. As always, thanks for reading.

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