Monday, March 9, 2009

Guten Tag!

I’m typing this blog from the Frankfurt airport. Due to travel, this past week has made for some interesting workouts. This morning for example, I got up (well, I never really slept) at 5:00am and headed for a 45 minute treadmill run before heading back to the airport en route to Muenster. When I stepped on the treadmill, I noticed everything was in German. Do you know your weight in kilograms? Me neither. After a few minutes, I figured out how to type in, 45 minutes. The run was a bit surreal, with the exception of sleeping off an on –on the planes, I haven’t really slept for a day. I feel pretty good though regardless.

Usually on the weekends I can play the weather. This means that if it is snowing or sleeting on Saturday, I will ride on Sunday or vice versa. Since I was to be out of town on Sunday and without my bike for 4 days, I was forced to ride on Saturday. Saturday’s weather was the great North West in its best. Freezing rain, snow, wind, the works. Rob and I started the day off on our mountain bikes, planning to ride for 4 hours but an hour into the ride Rob’s bike broke. We headed back to the car, loaded the bikes and went the pool where I got my 3,000 yards in. Then we quickly went home and I hopped on the rollers for 3 hours. I should explain, there are “trainers” and there are “rollers”. With a trainer, you attach your bike via the back wheel and ride. Rollers are a set of 3 rollers that you put your bike on, and so you are not attached. I like the rollers better because they force you to keep your cadence up, or you will ride off of them and into whatever is around you. Yes, I have done that, more than once. It takes a lot of determination to ride the rollers for that long, I had the TV on and I just kept thinking about Ultraman, and how all of this training will be worth it when I am out there on race day (s).

Weeks recap:
I had Wednesday completely off, but I thought on Monday that I may do an easy bike to make up for this weeks travels. Its funny though, as soon as Wednesday morning rolled around, there was no way I could have rode. Coach D is so good at this training stuff. He gauges my workouts perfectly, he got everything out of me until I really needed a day off . After resting on Wednesday, I was supercharged.

Swim: I swam 3 times all workouts 3,000 yards. I made some serious gains in the water this week, as I was able to speed up my 50 and 100 repeats. I am now doing my 50’s on the 45 and my 100’s on the 1:30. I can’t go forever at this pace, but it’s good to know that I’m getting faster. I am now at the pace I was in 2003, which feels good.

Bike: I rode 3 times this week. One ride was an easy road ride and the others were on the rollers. I am beginning to plan for a double century in May that will be part of my training. LMK if you would like to join in on the fun!

Run: I ran 3 times this week, twice on the treadmill and once on the road. I didn’t get my weekly trail run in which was a bummer but I’ll get it back next weekend. I’m beginning to enjoy the treadmill runs because I can really push myself. I am so used to, “working the clock” from swimming that it’s an easy transition for me to do that running. Once a week I have been doing an hour treadmill run and I try to see how much distance I can cover in an hour, while following the heart rate zones prescribed by Coach D. I hit 7 miles this week. The more fit I get, the more distance I should be able to cover without blowing up my heart rate.

Strength Training: I had 2 sessions in the gym and I am also doing core an additional 2 x’s per week.

Well, that’s all for now. The next few days will be all about running and Bratwurst. I will be home on Thursday evening, just in time for next weekends training. I hope you have all had a great week. Thanks for your support!


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  1. Hi All,

    Today is Beth's Birthday !!! total bummer that she's spending the day shopping in London. Because you all know she would rather be on her bike or swimming, whatever as long as it runs "me" into the ground. Happy Birthday Beth-I love you !!!!