Sunday, January 25, 2009

Training and Traveling

The traveling corporate life and ultraman training showed its true colors this past week.  I spent Weds-Sat in Salt Lake City, not the most runner friendly place.  The city itself offers nice running routes but the air, not so nice.  One person said that an hour of outside exertion was equivalent to smoking a 1/2 pack of cigarettes.  I developed a stuffed up head, cough and running nose  my first day there.  When I woke up on Thursday I still felt pretty bad but I figured things probably couldn’t get much worse so I met my traveling running bud at our usual SLC meeting spot at our usual time, 7:00 am.  We ran for just over an hour and then I headed to the Outdoor Retailer show and proceeded to attend meetings, chat with friends and walk the floor, for 8 hours.  Crazy thing, after 2 more days of pretty much the same routine, I actually began to feel better.  I kept telling myself, “Ultraman doesn’t care if you have a cold, there will still be big hills, a long swim and very long days”.

One of the biggest challenges of traveling is  the food choices.  While my friends and coworkers were enjoying  meals at some of the nicer restaurants, I took a cab to the the nearest Whole Foods where I treated myself to some great fruit, soup, and an egg salad sandwich. It saved me the embarrassment of asking to ,”hold the creamy sauce”, “sub the fries for a salad” and say “no, just water for me”.   Don’t get me wrong, I love a treat every now and then but being on the road and training always works better when you eat better.  I got back to my room early, woke up the next morning after 8 hours of sleep and had no traces of a  hangover- 3 anomalies of trade-showing.  

From Monday through Sunday I was able to get in the following:

Swim: Once 

Bike: 3 Times

Run: 3 Times

Strength Training: Once

My most favorite workout of the week was today, I woke up in my own bed, then headed out for a 2:45 mountain bike ride in the snow with Rob and Cadie.  I looked up at one point to see him flying through the woods, her right beside him , all 4 paws off the ground, it was like I never left.

Looking forward to being back on my normal routine this week.  Coach D has added some time to my overall training hours this week, he has lengthened my runs and swims and even gave me an extra day of strength training!  

If any of you who are reading this are training for an event, I would love to hear about your training as well!

Have a great week, see you next Sunday, and as always, thanks so much for your support.


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  1. You're doing great!! We are all (non-threatening) squirrels compared to you...