Sunday, January 18, 2009

Powered By A Dream

Hi Everyone!

It’s been an awesome week of training. I had a few challenges here and there but was able to motor through. We have an old blind Rottweiler who can’t tell the difference between day and night. Occasionally she will bark and bark in the middle of the night, thinking its morning and wondering why she hasn’t been fed. I think this is where I begin to understand a little bit about what training moms and dads go through (I did say, “a little bit”). While I want to say, “Flex, shush!” I have to walk downstairs (usually around 3:00am), snuggle her and convince her that its still bed time. Then it’s up at 5:00, onto the pool, to work by 8:45, and running by 5:00 pm, all on about 5 ½ hours of sleep.

I remember thinking in the middle of the day after one of my, “barking dog” nights, “I am so tired right now”. I was in one of those meetings at work where 3 people kept saying the same thing, it’s kind of like watching someone go back and forth in a pool. It’s actually almost rhythmic and under the right circumstances, can put you to sleep. I excused myself from the meeting, went to my PC, pulled up the Ultraman Canada ( website, did a quick scan and went back to my meeting. It’s like downing a cup of coffee; I got a “CHARGE” and was ready to go, it’s the power of a dream. People have often asked me, in reference to Ironman, “How do you do it?” If you want it bad enough, you can do anything. Your dreams can power you through anything from sleepless nights to the toughest times in your life. What’s your dream?

Now for this weeks recap:
A great coach has you completing each workout thinking you could go longer and/or faster. That’s how this past week has been for me. It’s hard though, when you have this big goal, you finish with energy, and think, “I could swim another 500” or, “I could run another 20 minutes and round off to 2 hours”. For those of us who come from the “no pain = no gain” days of training, it takes some serious control to end a workout feeling good but if you can do it, the rewards in the end are tell all.

Swim: I swam 4 times this week. My yardage per workout is still less than 3,000 yards but I gained an extra day of swimming. I used pull buoys, paddles and a kickboard this week. It helps to mix it up, keeps me focused and also keeps the soreness away.

Bike: I had 4 great rides this week and I was even able to incorporate a mountain bike event into my training. In the course of 16 miles, there were 5 stops at which you got a poker card, the person with the best hand at the end won a prize. A pair of 4’s didn’t get me very far but it was fun all the same. I added another hour and ½ onto the ride and then went straight to a Burger joint and inhaled a huge cheese burger. My other rides were on the rollers where I pretend I was Lance in the Tour.

Run: Ran 3 times. The beautiful, sunny, crispy clear weather we have had this week has made for some beautiful trail running. Sun rays peeking through the huge trees, a light fog, it makes you actually forget that you’re running. Remember last week when I said that your training blends into the rest of your life? Well, we misjudged the trail loop of our long run and I ended up having to rush to a hair appointment. I made it on time though, with my jeans on over very muddy legs. My very sweet hair stylist opened the door ½ way through the cut, I believe to get some air.

Yoga: 1 session

Strength Training: 1 session

Next week will be a challenge as I balance my traveling corporate life with Ultraman training. At least there is a lap pool at the hotel and I already have a run scheduled with my running bud Sarah. I sure will miss the bike though.

Have an awesome week!



  1. Brewmeister--the muddy legs take the cake! (Actually, maybe the "air"stylist :-).

    Safe travels this week. Watching your progress is infectious and exhilarating!

  2. Well done, yet again. Think positive on the sleep - not obsessing on how many minutes and seconds you're getting/missing, but on how quality your sleep is. I know it helps keep me from psyching myself out every day that's not the recommended 8-12 hours...

  3. Beth, we wouldn't have had to rush but you kept mistaking black labs for black bears and squirrels for cougars. That's your world, I'm just happy to run it it :) Keep up the great work

  4. Rob--No need to worry unless she sees a Liger or Unicorns.