Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's official

Due to the very long distances of Ultraman, I began my training back in November.  I hadn't yet received my official invitation but I couldn't wait 6 months to begin the process.  I had done everything I needed to do, which was prove myself through years of racing that I deserve to be one of the 40 people at that starting line.

And now....  I received the following email last week:

"Aloha and Congratulations!

We have reviewed your application and are pleased to accept you into the 2013 Ultraman World Championships."

Ever since I read that email it has been a little bit easier to get up at 5:00am for a workout and repeat the effort at 5:00pm.  I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it.   I can't wait to meet all of the  Ultraman Ohana and race again on the Big Island, 10 years later and distances quite a bit longer.

I have been asked a few times about my gear & nutrition so I thought I would share that info.

Nutrition: I don't eat very much sugar (outside of fruit) nor do I eat any land based meat, wheat, preservatives or pesticides.  It's important to keep my body as healthy as possible so I have cut those things out as they all have negative effects on the immune system and the bodies ability to recover.   I'm a firm believer of Warrior Force products, I consume their protein powder after every workout and I also use Warrior Shield, Elite Green protein & Warrior Endurance.  People often say to me, "I want to eat the way you eat but it's so expensive".  Actually, it's not expensive, it's cheaper than the way most people eat.  When you eat food that's full of preservatives, you body grows an addiction to those chemicals, just like it would a druggie to a drug.  You end up eating more, you get sick more often and you buy all sorts of remedies for your various ailments, that you wouldn't get or get much of  if you just ate healthy.  Try it.

Gear:  I think my most important piece of gear (outside of my running shoes, bikes, bathing suit etc...) is my compression.  I wear Recofit compression sleeves while I run and their full leg compressors for after a long and/or hard workout. Compression while running speeds up oxygen exchange & keeps your muscles from shaking (which saves you energy).  When I put the full leg compressors on after running it feels like someone is holding my legs, it feels soooo good.  They also help the legs recover faster so I feel more fresh the following day than I would had I not worn them.  There are many compression brands on the market but Recofit is the best.  They don't spend a lot of money on advertising or gimmicks so you may not see them everywhere.  They are anatomical which means they are designed to outline the muscles perfectly, they don't loose their compression over time and they are super thin and light.

I'm looking forward to June which will include a few 5 hour+ bike rides, I'll increase  my base workouts in the pool back to 4,000 yds and continue with my long and beautiful NW trail running and 3 days a week of strength training.

Have a great day!



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