Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Spring" is in the air (almost)

I have always loved the saying, "spring is in the air".  To a runner, it could mean so many things like:
- my running is strong, I feel the spring in my stride
- spring is almost here, can't wait to run amidst the flowers
- with spring comes a breath of fresh air, "out with the flu, in with the new (air)"

In January I had a little set back with my right knee.  Back in June I hit it with a kayak and dislocated my patella,  it was a long road to recovery but I started a running program again in October and ran strong for about 2 1/2 months.  While completing a long run in Jan I felt a "twinge" in my knee.  Since I'm so far out from Ultraman, I decided to not push it and I moved all of my running to the pool.  I found that I really enjoy pool running and when I started back with  running (3 weeks later) I actually felt stronger in my core from all the water resistance and my gait felt more stable as well.

I completed a headlamp trail run this week in which I was able to leap over roots, hear the frogs enjoy a slightly warmer night and best of all, I felt the fresh air fill my lungs and circulate through my  body.  Yes it's true, "spring is in the air"!

These little "bumps in the road" are a nice reminder that we gain more from what we learn during the journey than we do from crossing the finish line.  I had a choice when my knee was sore, I could have run through the pain, I could have felt defeated or I could have (and did) find a way to continue my running in a way which was healthy.  I chose  to look at the situation as a "challenge" rather than a set back, it gave me "opportunity" to gain "strength" in the pool and time to "appreciate" my work towards this goal.

I guess my message here is, with diversity comes choice. You can take at a situation and turn it into a challenge which provides opportunity to gain strength and appreciate what you do have, or, you can let a situation take control of you.  There's always a choice.

Many of you will be starting training programs soon for the various summer races.  You might be waking up muscles that have been resting (or hibernating) through the winter & with this you might be faced with a challenge here and there.  Just remember,  challenge is an opportunity and very much a part of the journey.

Happy Training,

For those of you that are following my training load, here's what my week currently looks like:
Swimming: 10,000 yards week
Biking: 6 hours a week (mostly on cycle cross bike)
Running: 5+ hours week (mixed pool & trail)
Core work and strength training:  3 x's a week

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