Friday, November 23, 2012

Gearing up for the World Championships!

It's been 3 years since I completed Ultraman Canada, enough time to forget the pain (mostly) and gear up for round 2.  This time however, it's the Ultraman World Championships.  After all, who qualifies for a World Championship race and doesn't compete?  That would be like making cookies and not eating one.... And, someone has to represent the Pacific North West, looks like no woman from here has ever competed.

Why did I wait so long?  It has taken me a few years to first get past my shark fear.

I remember walking up to the podium the day after Canada, the blisters on my feet were so big that it made putting on flip flops a slight challenge.  As I walked up to the podium, I felt the blisters popping and I feared they were shooting at people like little water guns as I twisted and turned past all the chairs..... So seriously, why would I do it all again? 

We are are all fueled differently, for me it's been dreams, more specifically challenges that appear to be just out of reach.  The absolute joy I feel after achieving something that I once thought  out of reach, well, I just can't put it into words.  Some people have said my ability to weather such hard endurance events is a "gift" or "amazing" or "unimaginable".  The only gift I have is one that anyone could have, it's desire and will.

you just gotta want it.

I will use this blog to keep people informed of my training for the Ultraman World Championships which is: 6.2 mile swim, 261.4 mile bike & 52.4 mile run.  This race will be Thanksgiving weekend 2013 on the Big Island of Hawaii.

It takes a village.......
Please offer my loving husband some relief and come train with me!  He does many of my workouts with me but the poor guys' gotta catch a break sometimes.  Throughout the next 12 months I will be posting key workouts that would be awesome to do with other people, if you're game, I would love your company:)

I look forward to running, biking, swimming & laughing with you. 


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